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Malgorzata Bany is an artist and designer based in London.
She completed an MA in Painting at The Slade School of Fine Art and continues to work there as a Honorary Materials Research Assistant in association with University staff. 
Malgorzata works across a wide range of practices including sculpture, furniture and painting, with all her work being rooted in the same set of principles. She focuses on shape, finish, materiality and textural qualities with color and form being central to her diverse practise. Her work consistently blurs the distinction between art and design.
Her creative process begins with exploring abstract form, intuitive and without prescribed function the object is open to interpretation. It often relates as much to human nature and relationships as it does to the natural world.
Through her research, creating her own pigments, colors and materials, Malgorzata gives her works unique and minimal shape. Her work is both utilitarian and sensual, with her paintings and furniture sharing the same tactile qualities.

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