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"West Texas", Photography by Al Oliver

"This project began when I was cooped up in Chicago. As a native Texan, I missed the big sky of my youth and so set out on the road with no goal other than photographing the expanse of West Texas. Patterns emerged after a few trips; I began to view the boom and bust cycle of Western and Panhandle Texas as a never-ending loop. Something is built in the middle of nowhere and nature eventually destroys it. Strike oil, build town, create a community, oil bust, destroy a community. Repeat and repeat. Yet people keep going at it. At the same time, I saw a visual beauty in the space and the objects against the space. Like those who tried to build out there, I am trying to impose a photographic composition onto untameable openness. To little avail but I keep going at it. These are not pretty pictures. Too many people do that well. For me, honky tonks and train tracks are beauty. I prefer an abandoned car dealership over a beautiful sunset." Al Oliver February 2013 prada-marfa-bw-sunset"Prada Marfa" $1,525.00 framed 26w x 21"h Screen Shot 2013-02-09 at 4.08.35 PM"Claude Train" $1,525.00 framed 21w x 26"h Screen Shot 2013-02-09 at 4.09.27 PM"Tulia Grain" $1,525.00 framed 26w x 21"h Screen Shot 2013-04-18 at 12.14.28 PM"Bellhop" $1,525.00 framed 26w x 21"h

Vintage Morrocan Rugs and Runners

Larusi tribal rugs and textiles was set up by Moroccan native and UK resident Souad Larusi in 2000, initially specializing in the weavings of the Berber tribes of Morocco to bring them to a wider audience and to encourage their use for interior decoration. Now, more than 10 years later, spurned on by her curiosity for well crafted textiles and weavings and encouraged by loyal clients' particular needs, she has cast the net wider and built up a collection with an enlarged range of textiles from all over the world. The recent resurgent interest in tribal weavings, and in particular Berber Beni Ouarain rugs, has seen a large quantity of low grade imitations flooding the market. From the outset Larusi has sought to offer only weavings of quality and value, that are genuinely old/vintage. The collection at GARDE follows below. All pieces are vintage. Click on any description for more information and for how to purchase. Beni Ouarain pile rug, 48" x 69" LR1 Beni Ouarain pile rug, 56" x 85" LR2 High Atlas pile rug, 38" x 72" LR3 Loop pile Beni Ouarain; rags sewn from back to front, 51" x 71" LR4 Vintage Moroccan from Azilal region (NE of Merrakech), 49" x 87" LR5 Vintage Moroccan from Azilal region (NE of Merrakech), 52" x 89" LR6 Anatolian Kilim Runner - Turkish, 2.3" x 9.6" LR7 Anatolian Kilim Runner - Turkish, 2' x 12.7" LR8

GOLDEN GLOBES fashion sketches

San Francisco based artist and fashion blogger Paula Mangin's tongue in cheek take on celebrity fashion and style from this year's Golden Globes. Colored marker on paper, signed by artist. $175 framed (15.5" h x 13" w)/$100 unframed (12" h x 10"w) We will update availability here on this blog, so check back often. Stop by the shop to see them in person, send us an email or call at 323-424-4667. Amanda Seyfried amanda Adele, SOLD adele Anne Hathaway anne Halle Berry, SOLD halle Jennifer Lawrence jennifer Jessica Chastain, framed Jessica Jessica Alba, framed jessicaalba Jennifer Lopez, SOLD jlo Jodie Foster, SOLD jodie Julianne Moore, framed julliane Kate Hudson, SOLD kate Kerry Washington kerry Kristen Wiig, framed kristen Lena Dunham, SOLD lena Lucy Liu lucy Rosario Dawson rosario And your hosts!...Tina Fey and Amy Poehler tinaamy

Gruppo di Installazione textiles at GARDE

Gruppo di Installazione presents a home textile collection of lambswool blankets and cushions. Home textiles, handmade.. The collections of Gruppo di Installazione are generated by a research in traditional and folk craft materials with modern and innovative techniques. Materials used today are the same materials used for trousseau and daily wardrobe since the beginning of the last century and are still produced in centuries-old Italian factories. Gruppo di Installazione creates a domestic ambience by reassuring images of our collective memory. Recovering our history is the essential ground to search for the new; objects from the past towards the future. Screen Shot 2012-12-28 at 5.46.11 PM DSC_0061 The Plaid Agugliato II blanket is made of an Italian fabric produced on old looms from the 1950's. The stripes decoration, which recalls traditional blankets, is made by a modern technique of needle-punch-embroidery, that is a mechanical process of fushion of textile fibers. $ 650.00 at GARDE DSC_0065 The Plaid Fiore Agigliato blanket has been made with a double-face virgin wool fabric. The flower decoration has been created by a modern needle-punch-embroidery technique. $ 1.075.00 at GARDE DSC_0068 The Plaid Timbro blanket is part of a project dedicated to the black sheep. The stripes decoration, which recalls traditional blankets is made with Italian black sheep wool using a modern technique of needle-punch-embroidery. Wool from black sheep for a long time was depressed by the market. For Gruppo di Installazione, the black sheep wool is not only beautiful, but full of symbolic meanings. $ 1,075.00 at GARDE Screen Shot 2012-12-28 at 5.54.31 PM DSC_0070 The Coperta Italiana blanket is Gruppo di Installazione's manifesto. "Taranta" is the fabric that Abruzzo sheperds used to make "tabarri", the cloaks they used to protect themselves from cold and rain. $1, 075.00 at GARDE Screen Shot 2012-12-28 at 5.51.16 PM

Photography by Steven Poster, A.S.C.

Steven Poster’s lifelong passion for all things photographic has been the driving force behind the street photography he has been capturing for over forty years. The sense of irony and compassion for humanity creates a curious juxtaposition of observation and statement. This translates to the objects he might photograph which all have some kind of life in them. These images were captured on film and printed with archival pigment on Crane Portfolio Rag paper. Images are framed in black wood and measure 41" x 32". $1,950 each at GARDE. Mermaid_flat "Mermaid", 1997 Devil Woman 1994 "Devil Woman", 1994

1616 / Arita

Japan Following the tradition of Arita pottery, Teruhiro Yanagihara developed a new series of ceramics using the traditional technique of clay made of crushed stone, though in a different composition. The result is a high-density kind of clay that makes the pottery items extremely strong and heat and stain-resistant, even without glaze. A special agent added to the clay provides the Standard series with a characteristic light grey, mat tone. Square Bowls, Four sizes. $45 - $125 Rectangular Plate $20 - $75 The series clearly show Yanagihara's interest in borderless design. Items don't have predetermined functions but allow different combinations and usages and good stackability among the Standard products. Square plates, for example, can be used as trays and small round plates double as lids. Bowls can be used for both Japanese rice or Western-style morning cereals, while the small cup is made for Italian espresso, it also perfectly serves Japanese sake.

Max Lamb Crockery for 1882 LTD.

Crockery is a family of tableware cast in fine bone china from plaster models carved by Max Lamb. Jug, bowl and mug in fine bone china, made in Staffordshire, England. London-based Max Lamb was born in Cornwall, England, an upbringing that imbued him with a love of nature and a creative spirit which have manifested in his practice as designer and maker. He graduated from the Royal College of Art, London in 2006, was named Designer of the Future at Design Miami/Basel in 2008 and continues to both produce and exhibit his work internationally. Lamb is known for creating beautifully crafted pieces that have materials and traditional processes at their core. He looks to design products that stimulate dialogue between maker, product and user through a visual simplicity that effectively communicates the obvious. 'Crockery', a collection of fine bone china tableware cast from moulds carved by Lamb, is testament to his maxim to use materials honestly and processes transparently, to give both their own voice rather than impose his aesthetic. Jug, $115.00 CROCKERY_008 Bowl, $65.00 Mug, $65.00

Vincent Van Duysen Pottery Collection

Vincent Van Duysen's work is characterized by an interest in reinterpreting classical forms. His rigorous search for order and clarity produces designs which are both contemporary and innovative; but which have the force of perfect inevitability. Van Duysen’s collection of pots for “When Objects Work” is an exercise in restrained theme and variation. Powerful though each piece is in isolation, the collection is conceived as an entity: an evocation of the shelves of stacked vessels in a potter’s studio. Read as a series, the differences of scale and color create powerful rhythms and modulations expressed in the subtle but intense palette of a northern European sky. Made in Belgium and available at GARDE. Ceramic Containers in multiple sizes with 2cm or 3cm white oaks lids; From $165-$250

The Ultimate Tool Belt to Rock your Projects, by Sherry Stein

In a small town in northern Colorado, nine-year-old Sherry (Blankenship) Stein picked up a classic American Toni doll and began a career in design. With the help of her older sister Char, Sherry took a miniature Singer sewing machine and outfitted her dolls in elaborate ‘Shehaerazade’ and ‘Gone with the Wind’ clothing collections. A passion for creating stylist, innovative, ahead-of-the-curve designs was born. Now in Santa Fe, New Mexico, Sherry grabbed some canvas, suede and leather and began to zero-in on her own take on industrial chic. Enter "Project Apron". Be ready for any emergency, hands free, with this fun, utilitarian apron. Wear over tights, jeans or a skirt and get busy! In Los Angeles our friend Jodi is rock'n the "Project Apron" with style and flair as she does so well! $175.00 Or the "Marfa Skirt", made of 12oz water-repellant ‘boat-top’ canvas or black waxed canvas, industrial weight suede or top-grain leather, sturdy YKK large zipper, and nickel silver cinch-belt rings and D-ring. $185.00

Satomi Kawakita Rings

Jewelry designs by Satomi Kawakita: Launched in 2008, "Satomi Kawakita" combines an unusual organic sense of beauty with impeccable craftmanship. Satomi finds a mystique and unlimited beauty in natural gems, minerals and metals, and she always aspires to turn these materials into wearable jewelry using her own unique approach. Platinum and diamond ring $3,835.00 18K white gold with rosecut diamond ring $1,010.00 18K gold flower and diamond ring $420.00 18K yellow gold thin textured band $220.00


What is a Throw Bed? Its a down and fiber filled cushion that's the same size as a twin bed, 40"x70" yet weighs only 4lbs. The cushion is covered in a removable and washable linen or cotton cover. It comes rolled up in a matching bag with a shoulder strap making it portable and easy to store. Just "throw down" anywhere. Indoor or outdoor, country or urban. You'll find plenty of useful places for this chic little bed. Bring the bed to the park, carry it out onto your lawn. Throw down poolside. Bring it out for sleepovers, TV watching or Scrabble playing. I even know a few happy dogs enoying their own "Throw Bed". Belgian Linen or Cotton Ticking $375.00 at GARDE

Makaua Baskets from Mexico

Over-sized designs and beautiful vegetable dye colors make up this architectural yet natural basket collection from Southern Mexico. Lovingly made from sustainable fibers using skilled hands and centuries old traditions to create these amazing baskets. at GARDE...$40.00 - $175.00

Landmark & Lions Leather Accessories

Founded by globe trotting Canyon Crosby, Minneapolis based Landmarks & Lions specializes in handmade accessories for men and women. The range of products include cases for the iPad, iPhone, as well as wallets and card cases and all things needed for traveling. Clean and structured lines, sophistication and unique character define Landmarks & Lions. Each item is designed and crafted in the USA. Madison iPad case in leather and striped canvas, $215.00 Madison iPhone wallet in leather and striped canvas, $80.00 Bi-fold wallet in leather with canvas trim, $80.00

MQuan Bells

I am happy to have ringing in my ears again. Michele Quan bells are back, bigger and better......happily hanging in the shop,but probably not for long. Small hand pinched bell with pinched flowers, $135.00 - Tall Jumbo thrown bell $425.00. Everything else in between.

David Stark Poplar Vases

Who knew?! David Stark.....event planner to the some of the most famous and discriminating tastes in business and in design. David Stark sets a pretty fine table! This multi-talented creative mind has designed the perfect compliment to my new shop.....poplar vases. If you haven't noticed by now, GARDE is all about poplar...walls, tables, oops, did I say too much? I confess it's my new obsession! So, the vases have a convenient hole in the center where a glass tube fits for a little water and a bud. $250.00 - $325.00

"Enter through the gift shop"

We opened GARDE three weeks ago and to my delight not only have the reviews and response to the shop been wonderful and supportive, but I have met the most interesting people. GARDE has been such a collaboration of talent and design from the artists we represent to the customers who have supported them. Putting the two together has been such a treat.

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